karis danish

Karis is from the state that brought you Friday Night Lights and the size EXTRA EXTRA LARGE.  This explains a lot about her, like why her TV mentor is Tammi Taylor as well as the epic proportions of her inner emotional life.  It may also explain the size of her white wine pour.  While growing up in Texas she waffled on two career choices, being an archeologist, or a cartoonist.  So she drew a lot and had a rock collection that she retrieved from a dirt pit by her house, then she grew up and decided to get a real job so now she's an actor.  She sees this as a melding of  the two dreams as she is daily digging and mining into the center of many lives and has the uncanny ability to make faces that resemble cartoon characters.  This does not mean that she overacts.  Stop thinking that.  It does mean that she might be endearingly neurotic, like say, Donald Duck, while making you chuckle by using funny voices.  Unless you are casting a serious movie, and then she's SUPER serious.  It's called versatility.  She learned all about that when she got her MFA from Florida State University. 

Before she was acting she was studying to become an opera singer.  See previous statement about epic proportioned, Texas-sized emotional life.  She got her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Wheaton College Conservatory of Music.

She loves reading, TV, and reading TV Guide.  Just kidding it's not the 90's anymore.  She loves coffee and drinks way too much of it, so once a year goes off of it cold turkey for a week just to prove she can.  Try not to hang out with her during that time.  

She loves cooking, not baking, playing her uke and dreaming of being an international solo ukulele player like Roy Smeck but since it's not the 1920's anymore being an international ragtime ukulele sensation is unlikely.  


Wolf Talent Group:  212-840-6787

Creative Talent Company:  212-957-5043